This blog is pretty simple

I started enjoying philosophy when one of my friends said I looked like Søren Kierkegaard. He then continued on about how I would enjoy existentialism and from there I started dipping my toes into philosophy. I started with Albert Camus and then Friedrich Nietzsche and before long I took a college class; Intro to Philosophy.

I am in no way a philosopher, I’m an evolutionary biology student and a dishwasher but I enjoy philosophy. This is a side project and I plan on writing as I want, about what I want.

The premise of this blog is to deliver my unsolicited philosophical thought on ethics, metaphysics, ontology and whatever else I decide. The difference, however is that this will be in relatively simple terms.

Most academic philosophers flex large vocabularies and add unnecessary, convoluted and overall pretentious language to try and seem really smart. That’s not to say that they aren’t intelligent but it’s not accessible. I shouldn’t get a headache from reading a piece on the concept of free will. So I will be avoiding this barricade of “intellectual” language and bs.

The majority of my writings here will be argumentative or ramblings on a particular topic (like the aforementioned concept of free will). If I find myself wondering, it’s my blog…oh well.

Thank you for visiting the blog and I hope you like what you find or hate it so much that you want to respectfully argue your point, nevertheless, enjoy.

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