Episode 6- Determinism

Determinism is much deeper than accidentalism. Its an extraordinarily common idea, even in Antiquity. Antiquity is the time of ancient Greece and Rome with thinkers like Plato, Socrates, Epicurus, Aristotle and Diogenes. This is a tremendously important time in the lifespan of philosophy but thats not the focus of this episode.  The Oxford Dictionary of […]

Episode 4- Why is Philosophy so Annoying?

“Technology is not equivalent to the essence of technology. When we are seeking the essence of ‘tree’, we have to become aware that That which pervades every tree, as tree, is not itself a tree that can be encountered among all the other trees.” That’s Martin Heidegger in The Questions Concerning Technology.  Philosophy can be […]

An Elementary Understanding of Hegel’s Dialectic Method

The following is an excerpt from an upcoming work titled: “Ethical Considerations of Violent Revolution”. Thank yous must be extended to my friend and peer, Jordan Gerdes and my beautiful partner, Kristy Coventry, for their immense help in revising and adjusting not only this excerpt but the work in entirety and others. Hegel derived the […]

The Peculiar Murder of Philando Castile

The shocking and disturbing case of the murder of Philando Castile is probably one of the most apparent cases of outright racism if not implicit bias within our justice system. Castile’s death left a daughter without her father and a girlfriend without her partner. On a macro-scale it left the black community and its allies […]

Why Existentialism?

Existentialism is arguably one of the most prevailing schools of philosophy in our day and age. What makes it so appealing? Existentialism is a wonderful way of finding one’s place or purpose in the universe (or lack thereof), especially when you are disconnected from a faith or religion. Not saying that faith and existentialism are […]

Refuting Pascal’s Wager

Special thanks to Kristy and Pearson for their editing. Blaise Pascal was a French jack-of-all trades in the 17th century. He carries weight in many fields, like; philosophy, physics, mathematics and theology. One of his more popular ideas is properly coined “Pascal’s Wager” from his collection Pensées. This idea is commonly used by people of […]

On the Morality of Death

Death is the end of life we can account for. For some it is a terrifying and sudden end, yet others believe in an afterlife of some sort. Is death evil? Of course, it is biologically determined but there are claims that it is a consequence of sin and other metaphysical factors, which will be discussed later. So the question to address is as such; what is the nature of death?

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